KI Create-a-Character Group

Please join this group.

While this is a really cool idea because it will help promote discussion, imagination, and our love for KI, I have decided that I will not partake as I’m simply too much of a critic. Most character ideas are either:
…and so on.
While there may be a few gems, I don’t want to be there to nitpick. Furthermore, I myself, am largely short on ideas snd would also not provide much on the more creative side of things.

I sincerely hope you understand.

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So you’re not interested in joining this group then.

Is anyone interested then? It’d be an opportunity.

I don’t suppose you know of any examples do you?

Well my personal favorite goes to the Gorgon idea - there was 1 thread that described her as an archer with bow, tail, and snakebite attacks and that used a poison mechanic (which Raam has since taken for himself it seems). She also had a wonderfully fleshed out backstory that involved hatred of the Nightguard, if I recall correctly.

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Anyone interested? It’s always open.