KI Comunity Built Teredo error fixer. Ver1.0 Download

Here is a link to a per-release
version. 1.0

Not finished, worth a try.
Let me know please.

Out of interest, when you followed the official instructions to fix the Teredo issues, did you type it as “Toredo”? That could be why you didn’t have any luck that way.

Actually I did not have to type Toredo at all.

Ohhh no, it works.
I speak 3 languages and dont think in English

Also Teredo is a doomed protocol I could care less about.
Trying to be of help.

I think you’ve misunderstood me.

When you tried to follow the official, Microsoft provided instructions for Teredo issues (a link to which pops up in the xbox app when you test your network connection and it is blocked due to no Teredo) did you follow those instructions and if you did, when you had to type Teredo did you spell it correctly?

I’ve not tried to use your tool, I just remember you saying you couldn’t get the Teredo to work previously and I only just thought why that might be the case.

I’m trying to provide a solution for why the standard methods didn’t work for you.

Why would I take the time out to make a tool that does not work?
The only reason I did this is because it worked for me.

While were at it, This little prog assumes that you are running
windows firewall, If your running anything else check your firewall

Also for now the patch may need to be reapplied every couple of
reboots. Until I make a standalone mod that applies every reboot.

Anyway sorry if I come off as defensive.

I’m not talking about whether or not your tool works, you have created this tool because you said the standard methods for fixing Teredo issues haven’t worked for you, my point was addressing that.

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No the way I fixed it was via the commands in the online documentation.
What Im trying to do with this app is take the different scenarios
and create an easy way, a guide, instead of going thru all the online docs
bouncing back and forth dumping commands rebooting bla bla bla, Im trying
to make it where there is less to it, Im taking what I went thru and
trying to save people time and frustration.

Feel free to download it and let me know what you think.
You dont have to apply any of it, and there other tools too.

Ohh, so it’s like a simpler way of doing it the standard way, but the standard way works fine

It basically the standard way, but instead of launching
a terminal, then pasting the command, reading the docs further,
entering more etc… just click one button or two. and some other
stuff also.

Plus windows 10 interface can be confusing and messy.
Some people have a hard time finding the firewall much
less working a Terminal + its just quicker way.

This will refresh your Teredo Adapter. NEW MINI TaskBar Version.
Fix multiplayer and Chat, join lobby’s etc…

This is a very small version. is just a little kI button.
NEW MINI TaskBar Version.

Simply place it somewhere you wont delete by mistake.

Then right click it ad select add to start menu or task-bar.
Then just run it before playing Killer Instinct.

Credit to Riptor for the idea.

Even if the intentions appear to be good, clicking random links can be dangerous and it’s best to just make this sort of adjustment manually as there is no official app or program to do so.