KI Community lobies

Hey guys!

I’ve been thinking it would be nice for us to kinda do some kind of consistent lobby. Just a group of friends getting together and playing some KI. I think it would be fun to have just a KI night once a week or once every couple weeks on a Friday or Saturday night and just have some fun. Good chance to try out new characters, help others if they’re struggling with stuff, and just enjoy playing the game together.

Anyone doing anything like that already? If so if you have a free spot I know I’d like to get in on that. Would just be nice to have a more social experience on the game since random people I fight are often just muted so I don’t have to deal with potential nonsense.

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We’re doing that already. In fact were doing it RIGHT NOW.

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Well crap dui! You on there pretty regularly doing that? If I was at home right now I’d go ahead and jump on to hunt you down.

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Lol yes I am. I just got off though. The thread for this is Killer Instinct Forum Battles. I’ll post the link for it here.

You guys still playin?