KI color editor - replacing all those accessories of different colors


Today I propose a new idea:
Editor colors for Killer Instinct.

  • Ability to customize your character in a unique way;
  • Disappeared all accessories equal but of different colors;
  • Ability to save the styles created
  • Possibility to choose the texture (for example designs on t-shirts combo)
  • Ability to save the colors chosen accessories

This is such a good idea…also bring back the ability to zoom while equipping accessories


I can’t express how disappointed I was to see the randomly colored additional accessories instead of a proper system to color them. I don’t think it needs to be as in-depth as what you’ve shown in the OP but just having colors for each accessory that correspond to the 9 colors for each character would be perfect.

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Yea I really wish they bring this back in season 3.

Yea pretty much this. I don’t really have any desire to customize the colors this in depth, but having accessories that match the colors would be great. The colors of the accessories can look really cool, and I love most of the colors the characters themselves have, but it’s hard to find good combinations of the two unfortunately, so I don’t really use accessories as much as I’d like to. They’re still fun, but only for a match or two.

It could be an interesting alternative…

It’s all fun and games until someone makes this…


That’s it, I’m done!. I’m done!