KI characters logo esports design

Hi everybody! :grin:

I wanted to share some KI logos due to the upcoming KI events. Either I can send them individually (the originals are a bit bigger) or you can just cut the ones you like from the logos .png sheet
KI characters logos “ala old mlg” style. Two versions with a texure variation in 3 different shapes: rectangular, square and circular.

They were made for fun and to share with the community. They are not intended for any commercial gain.

Cheers and hope you like them!

Check all the sheets with the available characters in the following link :point_down:

PS: remember to download the sheet from DA for higher resolution.


You always do amazing work Maru! These look great :smile:

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Good work there.

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Thanks guys !
I really appreciate it :smile:


Awesome stuff!!! I promoted this for our Japanese KI players


Wow Bojima, that’s very cool!
Thank you for sharing this and for the love :smiley:

Long live KI around the World! :earth_africa: :earth_americas: :earth_asia:


If anyone wants a custom version with your character let me know =D

Some samples below

  • Some flag colors just work better with the og design (three color flags with white, like the mexican flag). Other type of variations require a different approach (eg: my avatar, or the japan flag Hisako)



How about custom versions with Spinal and Shadow Jago?

With what theme? :slight_smile:

How about the USA themes?

I really liked them!

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