KI Characters' ages

How old do you think all the KI characters are?

Hisako died as a ghost, Aganos & Kan-Ra lived for the millennia.

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I know that all the Season 1 characters ages are viewable in the Season 1 story/arcade mode.

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You sure? Cause Orchid 32 & Jago 30? I don’t see it true on wikia.

Same with TJ Combo & Maya.

Orchid milf confirmed :V


The wikia is a fan maintained database. The ages in the S1 story mode are official in game canon. I think I know which one I’d trust :wink:

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And cougar too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That and the fact this new KI happens to be essentially a reboot and at the same time a retcon of BOTH the original KI1 and KI2