KI being used to promote Dell gaming laptops

I initially found this via a Facebook ad showing off Riptor

…just scroll down a bit until you see the video with Kim doing a dragon kick on Kan-Ra

IMHO this is pretty cool. If nothing else it means MS is still using KI to promote their endeavors. Whatever the case, it’s always nice to see KI pop up in unexpected places.

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Yea I saw that too and it is nice to see that it’s being promoted.

I’m always scared that KI will be ignored like Metroid or Mega Man.

Dude you are way late…there was a thread about this like a month ago LOL

Really? huh…guess I missed it. It didn’t pop up on the similar topics window when I was making the thread either. Honestly this is the first time I’ve seen the ads. A month, really?
Dang I must be getting out of touch. Curse you Zelda!!! :sweat_smile:

@moderators Any way we could merge this with the other topic:

Shoutouts To KI & Riptor for this cameo in DELL Gaming commercial! PC PORT PAYOFF

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I’ve seen that a lot on Youtube ads

I saw it at the cinema.

It may not have been a thread, but we definitely talked about it and someone posted a video. it might be under “Riptor used to promote…good job MS!”

Something to that nature. It was before KIWC I know that.


The frustrating thing is that when I try to play KI online against other players via my Dell gaming laptop, or my PC for that matter, the invites I send won’t go through. Ironic?

Regardless, it’s good to see KI being used as advertising.