KI Art Commissions Open!

Hey fellow Killers, I’ve been part of the KI community since launch. I’ve done many KI Related pieces including official art for tournaments. I’ll include samples of my work. If any of you are interested in KI artwork I’m open for commissions. This includes any characters from any of the KI games, or if you have a KI OC I’d be happy to draw that too. Please reply within the thread if you are interested.

Here are links to samples of my KI Artwork.

p.s. If this post violates any of the forum etiquette or policy I appologize.


LOVE your artwork! Especially that Thunder/Spinal comic you made! :smiley: When you say commissions, do you mean paid commissions, out of curiosity? Sorry, I just wanted to clarify. Welcome back! ;D


Thanks so much dude! And yes I mean paid commissions. This poor man’s gotta pay rent haha. Thanks for the love, it a good to be back!


My pleasure! :wink:
Thanks for clarifying. I wish I had money available, as I’d have LOVED to commission you for some covers for some KI stories I’m doing. :frowning:
Out of curiosity, though, will you be doing anymore KI comics, if not finish up on that Thunder/Spinal comic?