Ki apparition thread 2022

Hi all. Haven’t been on the forums in awhile. Curious to hear what everyones thoughts are on the game in 2022.

I still love this game and will casually play it from time to time.

Its still amazing to me that as someone who is now on into their 30s. There are still games that i can go back and play years after they come out and still enjoy.

This game is a classic and i hope one day new life once again breathes into this great franchise.

Everyone who worked on this game. You are all amazing thanks for your hard work.

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From a gameplay perspective, KI2013 is a solid fighter with tons of depth, a terrific tutorial mode and a largely amazing soundtrack. Graphically it’s good, although there does seem to be some inconsistencies in terms of character design. Story-wise, though, it could have been better. Some nuggets of brilliance here and there followed by some head-scratchers and poorly developed areas, making it feel kind of underwhelming, if not half-baked. Generally speaking, I think this is better than KI2/Gold, but weaker than KI1.