KI anime?

I was watching some old 90s cartoons and though how fun it would be to get a KI themed TV show in that cheesy 90s style cartoon like mortal kombat or the ninja turtles. with Ki3 i feel the characters have really been given a personality that would translate into something like that, anyone else think something the same would be cool ? :smiley:

I don’t think a TV show is going to happen due to the copyright agreement between Microsoft and Fox, now a video game anime movie, it could work out

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That would be really cool, even if it’s just youtube shorts.

Any form of animation would be really cool to see I’d think.

Bruh Madhouse could produce a SICK KI anime lol I believe they are the guys who did the animes for One Punch Man and Hunter X Hunter (2011).


But then KI would become a “joke” though. :sob: I don’t want that.

Well Madhouse didn’t write or create OPM, they just produced the anime so them making a Ki anime wouldn’t make it a joke lol

Oh you mean the style of it?

How about no. Last thing i want is to see all the girls running around in school girl outfits while the men die from nosebleed.

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I wouldn’t mind an anime. I love that art style, though I think I would rather a movie than a series. Anime series invite filler, and other stupidity.

I’ll take a CGI series like transformers prime. Plus, the only anime thing about KI is asucko and ■■■■■ wu so yeah. Anime would work…just…can’t be something you would see normally (visually). If it were to go anime then the art style would have to be something like Street Fighter II V or something similar in that regard.

But a big no if we get the style like the mainstream animes.

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Coming from a HUGE Transformers fan, the CG shows have always been inferior to the 2d animated ones. The reason is CG models are expensive to make, so to make the show cost-effective they have always had to focus on smaller groups of characters and/or drones in barren wastelands or evacuated cities, etc. And for a franchise like Transformers with literally thousands of pre-existing characters they could pull from, that limitation is really painful to watch. On the other hand if you look at the 2d animated series (generation 1 and Transformers Animated), you can have larger amounts of characters, more populated scenarios, tons more action, explosions, 1-off characters, extras, etc.

So what would this mean for KI? Well I would imagine that would mean with 3d modeling Ultratech would always be shown to have a skeleton crew. There would be tons of stalkers & fulgore units, but you’d likely only see a handful of technitions ever running any of their bases. You would never see any of the resistance characters out in public. They would always be off in a deserted area training. The KI tournament would likely have only a handful of spectators. Bottom line is every scene would have to be built as a work-around for the CG limitations, and with that the case it honestly wouldn’t be much better than having a few more in-game cinematics.
No if they’re wanting to do a decent job of world-building with a KI movie or tv show traditional and show that these characters exist in a living, breathing, true to life world, 2d animation would be the best way to go…something along the lines of the quality that you see in Marvel or DC animated shows/movies, or perhaps like the 2d animation found in Halo Legends.

Y’know, I know this is the “go-to cliche” for anime, but is the “little schoolgirl” anime demographic really that big?

Recently the most talked about ones I’ve seen are of course Jojo, along with Berserk, OPM, Osomatsu-San, Mob Psycho 100, One Piece (to an extent) etc. etc.

I rarely see anything about stuff like that (in regards to the little schoolgirl stuff), unless it’s like Nichijou and to a much lesser extent Kill La Kill.

Microsoft’s Surface line did some work with Production IG (anime studio, not to be confused with Iron Galaxy) for some cross-promotion between Microsoft Surface and Ghost in the Shell.

possible I guess?

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