KI 2 Classic Maya Ultra Combo difficulties

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Hi forum! I need some help triggering Maya’s Ultra Combo in KI 2 Classic on Xbox. I’ve done every other character’s ultra Combo first go but I’ve been trying for over an hour to do Maya’s and it’s just not happening.

Any tips?

So, Maya’s ultras are: Mini-Ultra Combo: Forward, Back, Fierce Punch
Ultra Combo: Forward, Back, Fierce Kick

It takes a little practice, but once you nailed the inputs in your combos, it should be no problem. I don’t know if you have a controller issue, if it’s a question of timing, or if it’s a glitch, but my best advice is to just practice for a bit and work on your timing. It takes some getting used to, but once you got it, man does it feel satisfying to pull off.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Look up pink diamond’s Maya videos on YouTube for some examples of high level Maya snaptube vidmate play.