Ki 1 help

So idk why but I can breeze through the arcade in ki2 no problem at all. However ki1 kicks my ■■■ hardcore I’m on riptor with jago and I’m getting destroyed by riptor. Any advice or tips in ki1 I can’t seem to do well. Every win I have is a close down to the wire win.

Forgive me if my info is not exactly up to snuff but IIRC on many of KI 1’s characters any kind of block on a special move tends to leave them wide open for attack, so I would say instead of trying to figure out a way to open them up, block & counter attack. It’s not 100% effective, and someone that knows the game better than me will probably say that I’m feeding you BS, but it’s what has typically worked for me in the past.

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Use Cinder and spam his DP. Literally breeze through Arcade with relative ease.

Riptor will usually run into you, wait and punish (start using some hit and then the combo, like cr.HP with Wulf or Orchid). If she stays stand some second she may jump, jump in advance and hit her first! (like jump HK).