Kev Bayliss Now a Permanent at Playtonic


I would like to congratulate him on his new position. He really deserves a good home and im sure he will enjoy his new home. He has done wonders for KI and other games and I hope he does wonders in his new future projects

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Yes, I congratulated him too!.

I wonder what does this mean for the S3 classic costumes… Will he still do them?

So no more Bayliss designed retro costumes for season 3.

I believe Bayliss only did drawings for the new KI. He may have left a pile of stuff to use for Season 3 before leaving.

don’t think so, if he was a commissioned artist, he’d get paid by character. Don’t think he did retros for Tusk and Kim

I’m sure they had the characters finalized or at least conceptualized by now. It’s probably fair to say he’s finished designing the characters retro’s for Season 3.

He didn’t even hint it so I doubt it. I hope I’m wrong.

Probably because of NDA or to surprise us. Not saying it’s a sure thing, just seems likely.

Wow yet another person coming and going

Thank God he drew season 2 retros. Kev you’re the best!

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Congrats on finally receiving an all-new position with and overall employment at Playtonic Games, Mr. Kevin Bayliss :slightly_smiling: :sunglasses:

Playtonic is the original Rare Studio, Isn’t it? Same People?

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all KI creators are there. MS should hire them from the very beginning. Let’s hope they do the right thing next time.

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