Kev Bayliss Announces 20th Birthday of KI, RT for unseen renders!

Retweet this and he will show more stuff for the 20th annie of KI

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must retweet this sweeet thing. Let’s go KI forums!

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Where Vampire!?!?!?!?!?! We want to see unseen artwork!!!

dat kim wu tuffpose though… i need that scanned at ultra settings

That mean, we will not see what look like vampire and spy girl KI2?

@BruceDeadpool erm.. that's all gone. gone forever i imagine.

— Christopher Seavor (@conkerhimself) August 31, 2015

These are Awesome and Killer finds from the one and only lead character designer of Killer Instinct, Kevin Bayliss :smiley: :sunglasses:

I was actually caught off guard that there was meant to be another character to appear in KI2, which was the spy girl. Wouldn’t be surprised if she actually ended up becoming Joanna Dark years after KI2’s release…

Oh well, maybe Vampire and Spy Girl could potentially shine and appear in Season 3…