Keeping Spinals Cursing ability the same for season 3

I’m curious how many spinal mains really dislike the change to curses and want them to still have the ability to drain your opponents resources compared to simply locking them out. I would gladly take another vortex nerf if he would get to keep his extremely unique trait. If you agree please let your voice be heard since S3 is still in development. I’d really like to keep having fun with spinal and I found the sucking ability to be a big part of that.


Define “vortex nerf”.

I would like his skull curses to steal meter again. I am ok with all of the other nerfs and stuff, but I really do think I prefer how his skulls and instinct originally work.I haven’t had the chance to use (or see) S3 Spinal in action outside of what we saw at World Cup, but just based on what we have seen I do like how his curses used to work better.

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The vortex nerf would be something slight that just makes it harder for him to have Seth like mixups. I’d prefer a smarter vortex and fun curses than boring curses and a braindead vortex.

So it may be as simple as just tweaking frame data slightly or making it harder to have your opponent enter a ridiculous mixup situation. Nothing major.

So you prefer the lockout or the draining? I kinda got mixed messages from your post.

My bad, lol I was preoccupied while typing that last one, it should make more sense now :slightly_smiling:

To be clear though, I prefer the meter stealing skulls over the S3 ones.

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They did that though, they reduced the advantage on his throws and made blowout hits breakable, both of which are severe nerfs to his vortex. There isn’t really much more for his vortex to give, which is why i said for you to define the specific nerfs you had in mind.

BTW it would have been best to have either left this in the Spinal changes thread or in the main re balance thread, creating multiple threads on largely the same thing will only annoy the devs or get them eventually nerfed, and causes problems as ideas end up split over multiple threads.

I’m sure there is more nerfs that can be safely applied without destroying his vortex (I’m also fine with him just keeping his old curses with no cost as well mind you but I’m willing to bargain.)

I made this thread to gauge what spinal fans think, I think making it a seperate topic is the easiest way for devs to see what the reaction from part of the community is.

You are not being specific you are just generalising, I asked for specific vortex nerfs that you would apply so that there is something to actually discuss, if you want to make balance suggestions then make balance suggestions! It is also unsurprising that you are fine just keeping the old curses, everyone would be fine with not getting nerfed if they could get away with it, me too, but it’s not happening.

There already IS a separate thread to see what part of the community thinks,the Spinal season 3 rebalance thread you have already posted in. There is no need for another, so please let’s keep the discussion in there.

Tbh,his shadow meter drain can work. His instinct drain is total BS though. Shadow drain and instinct lockout would be fine. The problem with Instinct drain si that he can prevent you from ever using your instinct.

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I am really disappointed about the shadow meter drain being gone. I am fine with instinct drain going, but he needs to be able to steal resources in some way. That was the defining aspect of his character. I would rather the run-cancels to go away completely. That is pretty archetype shattering as Spinal should not be able to rush-down at all in my opinion. IG seems to have a weird fetish for run-cancels or attack-cancels. They aren’t a very compelling mechanic to me personally.

I mentioned in another topic the idea of compromising by giving him shadow/instinct meter curses that drain like a poison status effect without giving him the drained meter. That way he still has a strategically viable unique mechanic but isn’t completely broken. What are thoughts on this from community/Devs.?