Keep Grinding

I Know This Doesn’t Mean Anything To You Guys, But Last Night, I Finally Made It To Killer Rank. The Grind Was Real & I’m Proud Of My Accomplishment, But The Real Grind Is About To Begin.



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Thanks Bro…

Everyone is getting to Killer rank… I’m so jealous …

Btw how long did it take?


It Only Took Me A Few Days.

Ugh It’s taking me weeks…I win a lot just to get back down zero by consecutive killer losses…

But hey you can’t win them all… Good job btw :slightly_smiling:

It seems like it would be at least mildly troublesome to take the time to capitalize every word in a sentence… :open_mouth:

Congratulations on your achievement though sir! :slightly_smiling:

Take Some Time & Learn Your Opponent. That’s What Helped Me. Thanks BTW.

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It’s Just A Habit…I’m Use To It. I’m Trying To Break It…Lol. Thank You.

I know how you feel - you might not know, but I got to Killer rank very recently as well and even though I might not be shooting for top 32 now, I’ll see how far I can get on that leaderboard when I have the time and when @TheKeits and the rest of the dev team implement statistics tracking in an external website for accessibility/ease of use.

Well done on getting to Killer.

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It took me months - you can look at the dates of my video uploads for gold tier and Killer, that time is how long it’s taken me on and off to get to Killer.

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Congrats on finally making it to Killer rank

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Thanks You Bro…

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Congrats on making it to Killer, the grind is TRUELY real, it took me a while last year. Welcome to the club!!

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No problem and anytime