Katana wielder?

Who is this character that everyone is talking about that wields a katana sword?

Just a hint. But it’s also speculated that hisako might take up the katana. Since there is mention of her being able to use one.

Not sure.

shisako?! :facepalm:

Probably, is was stated that she is able to use a katana. Personally I don’t really care since I hate the character anyway so whatever.

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That was when she was alive. That katana sword is for someonels

There’s no evidence of that.

Hisako story, wasnt it her weilding her father nagatama ?

Yes, but again it also states she weilded a katana at one point (or rather was trained in how to use one). So there’s two possible outcomes here. Either hisako gets it or a new character does.

It’s a dossier in Shadow Lords.

It’s one of the Guardian Folders.

#Spoilers Below, Warning!

It mentions that the guardians are not just the ones we see in Shadow Lords, but have also bonded themselves to weapons, such as Tusk’s War-gram, and Kim Wu’s Dragon Nunchucks. It mentions one other weapon, a Katana, that a guardian has bonded to. Apparently, the sword is waiting for the chosen one to pick it up and unlock this Warrior’s true spirit’s purpose.


A katana wielder huh? Sounds more like a new character…

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Yes thank you that’s what I remember hearing about.

perhaps its a light lord or lord of light that must interfere on Gargos’ plans. Tenguki?

Either way, I hope they won’t make a katana-wielding character.
There are SO many other cool weapons to choose from, so another sword is just boring.

Gargos’ worst nightmare. Tenguki, the lord of light. (character idea)


That’s a cool design. Just give him war fans instead, as tengu are known to use those and it’s a unique weapon for KI. ^^

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So his weakness is a bird feeder?

Or jago just picks it up lol