Kansas/Missouri Killer Instinct Players

Hi guys! My name is FuLLBLeeD and I’m part of the Kansas City fighting game community, or KC SRK. I’m also one of the tournament organizers for MAXOUT, our monthly tournament series, which is one of the largest in the midwest!

With the Windows 10 release of KI a lot of people (including myself) are picking up Killer Instinct. As such, we’re looking to create a local scene with the end goal of running Killer Instinct at our monthly tournament series. If there are any players in the area, sound off! You can find out more information about our community here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/KcSrk/

In addition, the next MAXOUT is April 7th. We’ll be running a poll to check interest for Killer Instinct! I’ll let you know when the Facebook event page is live, and I’ll link it here.

Looking forward to playing with you!