Kan-Ra's backstory

I just hope that when they work on the backstories on the characters of season 2, Kan-Ra’s story better be finished completely!

Like how after the Babylon queen died, the king cursed his former vizier/sorcerer and his bandit minions with Aganos’ help.

  • How did Kan-Ra was able to slow down the rotting?
  • What knowledge did he gain after regaining what’s left of his flesh?
  • How did Kan-Ra kill the king before his dying breath to Aganos, giving him one simple mission?

They already explained this in his extended backstory (found here: http://killerinstinct.wikia.com/wiki/Kan-Ra) around the time Kan-Ra first launched:

“Unable to slow his rot further, he instead places upon himself other curses that work to offset the rot. He seeks out magical artifacts and talismans to ease the pains and ailments these layers of curses cause him, carrying them on him in an ever-growing number; a magical balancing act of curses and boons at play throughout his being.”

Huh? What does that mean?

There is no evidence that Kan-Ra himself killed the king who gave Aganos the order to hunt him. Odds are, Kan-Ra simply outlived him with his newfound immortality.

Another quote from Aganos’ extended back story (found here: http://killerinstinct.wikia.com/wiki/Aganos):

“Years later, that king learned that the traitorous Kan-Ra had survived the flesh-eating curse and was going deeper and deeper into research of the dark arts. The king asked Aganos to hunt down and destroy the evil sorcerer once and for all.”

Here is another excerpt from the Babylonian King’s brief wiki (found here: http://killerinstinct.wikia.com/wiki/Babylonian_King):

“Near the end of the King’s life, he heard rumors that Kan-Ra had somehow survived his blight and was coming close to achieving immortality. The King gave two final orders to his loyal guardian Aganos - to hunt down Kan-Ra and finally put an end to his insane plotting, and to finally be free, never to take orders from anyone else. Shortly afterwards the King passed away, but his will lived on through Aganos.”