Kan-Ra setups

Seen and saved so I can practice later. Fancy little combo, I like it.

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Still haven’t figured out how the flip out after a spike ender works.
You can do spike ender and than juggle into cr.LP xx l.swarm (projectile) OR you could do cr.LP xx clutch. Sometimes the clutch connects for an instant reset and sometimes it just wiffs and you are f*cked. Seems to be random to me.

I noticed the same thing. The follow up clutch after the flip out is very random. It very well may be my timing but I’m a bit reluctant to use it because you’ll get blown up if it does whiff. I need more time in the lab to figure out something more consistent.

I am labbing some tight block strings using shadow spike right now.
The idea is to use the shadow spike-spike hits to fill the gabs in your block strings

in the corner and on block do:
spike, cr.MK xx l.swarm, spike, cr.MK xx l.swarm, spike (It is a true block string)

than after the spike hit your opponent on block you will get out of range. Just do the following to stay in range for a block string loop:
spike, cr.MP (2n hit) xx l.whirl, spike, down-back HP xx l.swarm - repeat (This is not a true block string)

the whirl will keep you close and the spike will fill the gab, where you are negativ on block

Here is a video showing the first part of the block string.
As you can see, it is a true block string. If they try to jump away they get hit by crouching MK.


I have found that the juggle clutch flip out will not work if Kan Ra scooted forward during clutch. If he does not move or scoots backwards, then it usually works. A bigger issue for me is that floaty jumps carry over into flip out, meaning that characters like Kan Ra and Glacius will not land as fast as other characters, messing with the timing on some set ups.

Shadow spike is funny.

Let’s say kan-ra is on player one side. When he does a Shadow spike the opponent will always be pushed to the right side on block. It doesn’t matter whether the spike hits the opponent’s front or back.

The cool thing is, if Ra now manages to get on the opponent’s right side the spikes will STILL push the opponent to the right side. Right into Ra.
I already showed you a true block string using shadow spike and multiple cr.MK xx l.swarm in-between the spike hits, but using this I was able to do 5-6 true block string loops.

Okay I am pretty sure I found an infinite block string. The spacing is hard to do right and it is also hard to set up but it is working. Gonna post a video later

here it is

I found an easy setup
After lvl 2 spike ender do a shadow spike asap.
When they quick rise a spike will hit them meaty.
Now jump forward HP (cross up), (another spike hits), cr.MK xx l.swarm (spike) and loop it until they decide to get hit or shadow counter

here it is

Works on regular rise too. As soon the j.HP hits there is no escape besides shadow counter.

Another setup:
After clutch, dash, shadow spike, j.forward.HP loop


This block string seems like it could get jumped out of it. I’m thinking vs Maya, she could easily jump and do her diving attack, bypassing the chance of getting hit by the scorpion stinger… I can also see Glacius doing either puddle into grab, or puddle punch…

I haven’t had a chance to test it yet, but this block string seems like it needs to be on point because it’s very tight… Otherwise, people can get out of it with whatever tools they have.

I do think this is a good building block for working towards specific setups, especially those involving clutch+shadow spike.

no, the block string is easy to do and you can NOT jump out of it. It is a true block string. The only way to escape it is to stand up and get hit by cr.MK or shadow counter.

I understand. Can popping instinct to avoid attacks become a possibility?

No. As soon as they are caught in the block string there are only the 2 options.

Would be even better if Ra had a normal other than cr.MK that doesn’t hit low and that is a true block string into l.swarm. You could stall your matches with that. But all other normals ■■■■■ with the timing or aren’t true block strings

Is there any way to incorporate his pinwheel attack (b+MP)? I think with the proper timing, that could serve as bait for a CB, with the scorpion stinger being used to interrupt the CB.

I feel like Kan-Ra has moves that can be used to create different blockstrings involving the stinger from Shadow Spike. I just haven’t had the time to test it yet…

I find myself using the pin wheel only when I am going for a command grab right after. Works pretty ok I guess. I like your idea though.

Not many people know this yet, but you can connect an ant-lion after a level 4 spike ender. This allows you to follow up with another unbreakable ender of your choice.


Didn’t know that.
But I think the unbreakable part is wrong. At least in S2 whenever you did ant-lion xx ender the ender was always breakable like you did opener -> ender. This was unique to kan-RA’s ant-lion. It is always an opener even mid combo.
Gonna check this out later.

I knew about the lvl 4 ant lion thing but KV is usually pretty maxed out by that point need to use meter or instinct to get more damage there

still, sand spike ender into ant-lion into clutch ender does more damage than just a clutch ender. It can also give you a shadow swarm ender or wall splat ender for much higher damage than normal or you can use it to combo into ultra.

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GGs yesterday

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So there was a “trick” I mentioned in another thread (wasn’t sure if it was S3 specific). Anyway the trick works like this: If you do a timed j.MK into Shadow Scarab, you can literally land back where you started the initial jump!!! Well, it turns out you have to do Shadow Scarab right above the opponent’s head when you do it. So far it works for all characters.

It gets better.

With a sand trap out, you can super jump, and no matter how high you are, the trick still works, as long as you do Shadow Scarab above their head.

It gets a bit more better.

Because of the super jump, after doing Shadow Scarab, Kan-Ra falls at the same speed he jumps, so this can allow him to act faster somewhat. So you can do things like this in theory:

SJ, j.MK~Shadow Scarab, land, b+HP (stagger), b+HP (stagger), cr.HP~LK Sand Spike, (Shadow Scarab hits), qcf+LP (recapture), HP auto~Shadow Clutch = 40%

Obviously the combo can be broken on d+HP initially, but if the opponent is locked out, the whole combo is guaranteed. The cr.HP can be slightly delayed to force a CB. You can also opt out to use the regular clutch ender instead of Shadow Clutch for less damage.

Another thing I found interesting in this combo is that using qcf+HP does that weird stun that puts the opponent at a distance for the combo to be continued with st.HP. So, if you need to push the opponent to the corner, this can definitely help.

Last tidbit, apparently you can do this “trick” in the air!!! I literally did this fighting Cinder. He was airborne (what’s new), and I super jumped over him and did j.MK. Accidentally buffering Shadow Scarab, I noticed that Kan-Ra was facing the opposite direction, and landed back in the original spot I jumped from. So the opponent doesn’t have to be grounded for this to work.

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A quick video of this would be awesome

I’ll work on something this week.

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