Kan Ra MU

Glacius can manage Kan Ra pretty well (until you get put into shadow sand spike in the while he’s timing j+hp to keep him from not being shadow counterable cause the stinger will hit you).

Shadow counter j+hp, I think it’s cr mp (hits you twice down low), b+mp on reaction with practice.

If you block a shadow sand spike, the stinger will hit you right after the first blocked hit. You can heavy cold shoulder out and punish (if in range) before the stinger pops out.

Liquidize his sand spikes too. As soon as you see his elbows go up, you go down with Liquidize (3 Kicks).

What else have y’all found helpful in this MU?


Epic comeback man!

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Thanks. I kept repeating “Only a True Master” in my head the whole time. What discouraged me a little was when the 2nd shadow counter on the jumping hp whiffed. I thought it would soon be over .

Gah Kan-Ra is so OP. Although I never knew you could get rid of swarms like that. What I personally like to do is Double Hail and cross up with maybe Shatter or J. HK. Then again, that strategy is futile against Kan-Ra :frowning:

I mean, you’re basically doing everything I do in this matchup. So I got nothing more to offer.

The only thing I might add is that a lot of Kan Ra players put priority on placing scarabs in the air. If you can maintain medium or heavy shatter range in this matchup, you can catch them quite often in trip guard after placing an air swarm.

I think in this match-up he should have gone for more Stagger-Clutch and Tornados. Less Shadow Swarm, alot less.