Kan-Ra Matchup

So tonight was pretty bizzaro. 4 Ra players, and they all bodied me. I’m not too familiar with this matchup(especially since there’s hardly any good Ra players out there), despite Rash having an upper hand with Wicked tongue.

My most common situation is being trapped under bugs, a Scorpion hitting me from behind, and in a position to be command grabbed. I tried using a Projectile Invincible move(Shadow Ram) but it would get caught due to not being throw invulnerable.

So, any advice?

Kan-Ra main here.

Rush him down! You have great tools for that. Use Wicked tongue a lot. Bait the sandplosion. If you let me put my stuff on the screen it is your fault.

Oh yeah and don’t be discouraged to use shadow ram. Spike and swarm are both projectiles and those are the moves Ra uses the most.

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Thanks for replying.

Taking that advice in, I have a slightly better understanding. Sandsplosion has startup invulnerability, correct?


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