K.I. Retro Stage Music Differs From CD Music. Hoping For More Music Options Too

Firstly, much of the stage music in K.I. 1 is different from the music on the K.I. 1 music CD, well… on the SNES version that I am familiar with at least. Was it like this in the arcade?

While Glacius’s, Thunder and Fulgore’s CD music sounds fine, I think the original stage music more fits the bill.

I’m just going on pure memory here, on a thought that I just felt to put out there. Am I missing something?

Unlockable KI 1 musics are the one you could find on the “Killer Cuts” bonus CD, and those are different from the snes version.

Best example is Jago theme

No, the Killer Cuts music was in large remixes or fuller versions than what even the arcade had. Probably a good example Glacius’s “controlling transmission” track: the arcade version didn’t have the beginning where it said “we are controlling transmission” louder & louder, or the end part where it featured the announcer saying things like Danger and Ultimate Combo.

Im pretty sure the SNES version had to make some sacrifices to the audio compared to the arcade version. the SNES just couldn’t handle all of that game as it wasnt even designed to be on the SNES…it was supposed to go straight to N64 but the N64 was delayed by a 1 or so…but they had to strike while the KI iron was hot and it paid off big time!

I remember when I got it though I was so dissapointed! I had been playing KI in the arcade every weekend and even skipping school to go to the mall and play during the day. It was my life…and I got the SNES and I was like WTF???

Yeah, the SNES had to make some sacrifices, but… instead of making the music sound like something was missing, they re-did the tracks.

We all know how epic SNES music was, and can be.

Well, these SNES stages were redone like that…

Orchids, Jago’s, Glacius’ just have a listen!

All have very good, I dunno… sections of melodies before they cycle.

And nice instruments.

But not only that, these were the household tracks!

Don’t get me wrong, a few of the Killer Cuts tracks were just flat out better, as they were practically just the same song to me, just with more body, like Fulgore’s and Sabrewulf’s, but these SNES remakes were certainly more ‘stage soundy’ than some of the Killer Cuts remixes.

Since I had the game and this one grew on me, this Glacius GameBoy stage goes up for special mention.