Just picked the game back up can someone give me sadira frame traps and what not

Title says it all. Just want to know if my bae got any new changes. What’s some good setups for her now?

she has a bouncing kick, it’ll reset her in the air for added follow up. its almost safe.

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You can read up on what has been changed for Sadira (and many others) here.

As for frame traps, her best buttons to apply pressure with are: st.LP, cr.LP, st.MP (close version), cr.MP, st.LK and cr.LK. Me personally, I normally go for cr.MP > cr.MP and st.MP (close version) > cr.MP, since those buttons doesn’t push Sadira away from her opponent that much. Additionally, while the opponent is in the corner, Sadira’s cr.MP > st.MP and cr.MP > cr.MP are also good frame trap combinations to utilize for tick throw setups as well.