Just hit Killer, Woohoo!

Downloaded KI when it was free on XBL back in january and instantly fell in love, bought season 2 straight away.
Managed to go from bronze to killer with 101W 32L, guess now the real challenge starts though haha.


congratulations! my story was much the same although i think my record was 150/109… that’ll teach me for picking hisako as my one true love lol
the challenge truly does start here with a vengeance, good luck!


Hisako was the main reason I bought season 2 hah, She just looked so great but ended up being way too slow in general for my playstyle.


Downloaded because it was free, stayed because it was amazing, bought season 2 because it was worth it! Same story…sort of. I ranked up to Master but since then I’ve stalled some. I use a lot of different characters currently, haven’t been mastering anyone or playing with my best. Plus I haven’t played fighting games before so could be a while before I hit that killer zone! In a way I dread it because then the real pain would start lol. But congrats to you man!

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Congradulations! I think the best part of being Killer is getting 2 out of 3 in Ranked matches

As a fellow Killer, congratulations, though it’s a shame that you’ve not have to go through the additional grinding I had to… :smiley:

Congrats dude. Welcome to the “real” fight. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

nice one dude, I’ve been unable to get off gold for a few months now :frowning:

Every time I see another Killer, I feel both hope and jealousy. :stuck_out_tongue:
Hope I may be a Killer soon enough, jealousy (and some inadequacy) because all of my friends seem to be Killers or at least higher in Gold. :confused:
I only hit gold a while ago. I need to get back into the game and start getting good. Hope to get Killer before s3

January’s GWG and S2 discount had a lot to do with this IMO, I made it thanks to so many new CAM Gold, Silver, Bronze and Qualifiers. Now is the time Fwuf, take advantage of the n00bs :smiling_imp:

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######Right after I finish this essay.

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There’s hope for Killer Fwuf after all!

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