Just got Definitive Edition for Windows 10: this game is amazing

I just want to let you know I have just purchased the definitive edition. Who cares, you might answer. But I have to say a thing or two. I own pretty much every fighting game released on PC and in the recent years I play only fighting games as much as I can.

  1. Street Fighter V
  2. Guilty Gear Xrd Sign
  3. Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator
  4. BlazBlue Calamity Trigger
  5. BlazBlue Conftinuum Shift
  6. BlazBlue Chronophantasma
  7. Ultra Street Fighter IV
  8. SkullGirls 2nd Encore
  9. Mortal Kombat XL
  10. Injustice: Gods among us

and now…
11) Killer Instinct

Seriously, this game is unique. It feels new, it feels fresh. It has amazing graphics, amazing particles. The combo system is so fun that after I have completed the tutorial in the free version, the only thing I thought was: I have to buy this game.

I want to see this game and his community grow as much as it is possible. Many people don’t realize how great this game is. I was one of them.

Please push this to make an entry at the EVO 2017 tournament. It can’t be missed.


Yeah, it being a console exclusive really limited it to a certain circle (though of course chances are without MS, this game probably wouldn’t have existed in the first place). It came to PC so late that the fanfare of it all is significantly reduced. I have lots of friends (across all consoles and PC) who simply didn’t even really know it existed in any meaningful form. They heard of it but didn’t think much on it (a number of times I said “I’ve been playing a ton of KI lately” and they thought I was playing the old school '94 game). Now that it’s on PC, at least I can spread the gospel to some of those players.

With that said, thankfully even years after its initial release, this game is definitely not dead at all and there’s still a great, active community and tons of things on the horizon for the future.

Also, if you really are new to the game, visit this now: http://ki.infil.net … This is pretty much required reading haha.


Wow guys, never had so much fun in years doing a tutorial.


Welcome! Did you vote for an EVO showing by tweeting @MrWiz on Twitter?: )

We are glad you are enjoying it. What characters are you interested in playing?

by the way, there is another character that came out recently, Kilgore. He is sold separately with half of the proceeds going to funding of tournaments. A bit pricey at $10 but it’s worth it, imho.

Don’t forget the netcode! I opened DoA on PS4 because it’s free… You choose your difficulty including an “online pro” option which adjusts for online lag even when playing solo.

Thankfully, this game plays like butter regardless of cross platform matchups or what’s happening on the screen.

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welcome to Killer Instinct, IMO the best game this generation of consoles.

has a deep learning curve (though you seem to be a FG veteran), so if you take losses or not, worth mastering (or trying to)

and happy new years too :slight_smile:


Welcome to the killer instinct community, I hope you find enjoyment the games as much as we do.

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If you have any questions on anything, we will all be more than happy to help you out. There is as expert for just about everything here on the forums :grinning:

This is the reason why we still need to spread the word of killer instinct.
People still don’t even know it’s officially back.



I’m sure you will find that this game is endless amounts of fun… and challenge :wink:

Welcome to the game and the community my friend I hope you enjoy your stay and have a blast

Hooray for positivity! We could always use more of this.

Feel free to hit me up for matches any time, or for some Aganos advice. :wink:



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FIGHT ON !!! :smile:

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Congrats! Welcome aboard! You are in the right place for all things KI. I recommend coming here on a daily basis to learn learn and learn!
The KI community is the best especially if you stay here and avoid the Facebook pages for your information.
Make sure to keep up with the KI world cup coming March 10-12!

Welcome to the Fray my brothers…

Check out the T-shirts & all the other KI Goodies…

The community is always here for advice, assistance, and most of all…

The Fighting…

I am happy to see you’ve taken a liking to it.

WELCOME to Killer Instinct : D

Glad to see you are liking the game and are so positive about it. Spread the word!!! Since I got the game last year I have been convinced we (KI players) are experiencing something really special but as others have stated it being X1 exclusive for so long and it not being quite SF/MK popular back in the day make it kind of go under the radar for many which it sad because I think this KI is among the best of the best.