Just found this on youtube

Yeah, it’s called Mugen, a fighting game system that lets you put in every character, either ripped from other fighting games or fan-made, and put them into one single roster.

I’ve heard about MUGEN for years , but have never actually been able to find it or play it…

They should remaster the original KI exactly as it was and sell it as a 25 / 30th anniversary edition. Here’s is the hint Microsoft and Iron Galaxy Studios. :wink:

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Yeah man this game allows you to make your own character! Ive seen Mk vs Street fighter vs Mario vs stick man…Family Guys Super chicken!!! There are so many characters its unreal!

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Mugen is awesome on twitch!

If you like Mugen you should watch SaltyBet on Twitch. I like that channel. Always bet waifu