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Who do you think is “goofier”?

  • Gargos’s henchmen
  • Eyedol

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They remind of those demons from the disney Hercules movie. Hmmmmm now that I think about it…I’m betting that’s where there inspiration came from One skinny, one fat.

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What ever do you mean? Are you telling me that a short, fat silly goblin that belly flops for his attack and his scrawny emaciated pitchfork-wielding buddy aren’t totally dark and serious?

Really though you make a good point, I don’t get how Eyedol is considered to be so “goofy” that he’s being neglected from the roster when these little dweebs and their ape-faced, Donkey Kong head lookin’, banana chompin, bucktoothed, no nose havin’, two-toed sloth legged, non-gargoyle lookin’ gargoyle boss are perfectly serious enough to be considered canon apparently.

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Minions at least have only one head each. Never understood how anyone could look at a two headed character and take it seriously. Either one head or three+ I can buy, but two is just goofy.

Easy boys and girls. Look we all want eyedol only to beat him down. I know. I understand that. But we have to wait. Think of it like christmas. Your heart is in the right place. The gift of giving.

Lol so true. You’re comment made my day. XD

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I think the little demons are goofier (especially Dretch) but there is nothing wrong with goofy lol

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Eyedol is by far… One of the weirder characters in KI.

I can’t see him reimagined by anyone except I have put 100% of my trust in the devs to make him less goofy if they do decide to bring him back.

IIRC, didn’t they say Gargos isn’t a gargoyle in this KI?
I could be wrong.

Yeah and Spinal isn’t a skeleton, he’s just really hungry.


I think his look doesn’t fit his supposed role of an all powerful being. He look like he’s a cave dwelling hermit that lives off woodland creatures.

I agree but I have the same feeling with Gargos bringing “these” minions with him. His powerful aura is diminished by his henchmen’s goofiness…(but I am more or less okay with it.)

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I like them, I’d totally play them as separate characters. Like servbot.

I kinda figure they’re not competent so Gargos use them as distractions as he can find almost no other purpose for them.

I thought they were there to show something. Like his arrogance, control, domination etc etc.