Just finished Challenge Mode


Hey everyone…first post…man I love this game. I played normal mode probably 5 or 6 times to build up some items then I headed to challenge and handily beat Gargos with only Jago. Do I need to farm on some bigger buffs (25%, shadow regen) before I head over to Godlike?


Yes, it’s highly recommend you get yourself a solid stack of powerful items and at least a few Killer tier guardians. Having a ton of health and revive items is also essential.
And keep in mind that even WITH good items the AI will still be fairly hard to beat later in the game so make sure you have the skill to take them on.


Perfect thanks for the reply. I appreciate it. I feel like I got a little lucky in Challenge mode. Gargos didn’t respawn his last health bar again. Ive had him respawn 3 times just on Normal…Crazy


As far as I can remember there’s actually a reason that happens - think it could be tied to instinct meter or shadow, but think it’s the former.


■■■■, Ive played thru Godlike 3x and I beat all of the Omens and usually make it between turn 20 to 25 or so then face Gargos and wow I have been absolutely destroyed every time. My mains are Jago, Rash and Riptor. Even spamming hard punch with Riptore doesnt work. Def difficult.