Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Jurassic World 2 trailer drops tonight. Will edit OP when it drops. There’s been a lot of teases though. So far we’re seeing more tension than the last entry and a ton of practical effects.



I was kinda dissapointed with Jurassic World, storywise. It was a kid’s movie, it got the same treatment as Robocop. Still, I enjoyed some parts, but none of the movies is better than the first Jurassic Park.
I watched this trailer and I’m still interested to watch the movie (specially if I get to see a Carnotaurus :heart: ). I just hope it’s better than the first Jurassic World. But if it is like Transformers saga…I’m out.

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Jurassic World had some fun moments but the movie itself was dumb. The original JP was mind blowing because Stephen Spielberg treated dinos like real animals. The dinosaurs felt real… they felt alive. JW felt like a kids cartoon.

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Dumb is what I think of when JP Lost World comes to my mind. But I’m afraid to offend anyone by saying that word related to that movie. Thanks for saying what I really think,lol.

I felt the exact same way, @MaruMDQ- Watch the full trailer… :broken_heart:



Trailer is live:

And @MaruMDQ will not be disappointed


Fact: T rex extinguished all dinosaurs :rage: :rofl:

PS: I was born to be a dinosaur veterinarian, why would they go extinct? :cold_sweat: Oh…For us to exist, right.


BRING ON THE FULL MIGHT AND POWER OF THE LIVING DINOSAURS NOW! :grinning: :smiley: :grin: :smile: :sunglasses:

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No spoilers, I didn’t like the movie…


* T rex bullying poor Carnotaurus has became a trolling joke. I want to believe is a “Universal vs Disney” thing only. If not, I’ll be offended XP

Chris Pratt is a cool guy, I just feel that when he is a movie the guys is kind of a funny soldier/fighter whatever and can’t take it seriously

Everything that happens in the movie is ridiculous and dumb at every point

The only good Jurassic Park will always be JP 1

And believe me when I say, I love dinosaurs.

Oh, and as a fan of the Baryonix he is lame in his representation (visually more than anything) <=(

I’m getting old or movies are getting worse???

I enjoyed Jurassic World: fallen Kingdom.

Loved the Indoraptor as well.

and I know some people weren’t fond of what Rexy did to the Carnotaurus but look at this way. She didn’t kill him at least.

Does it have it’s flaws? yeah, but overall a good film. Still better than JP3.


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Fixed it.