Jurassic World: Evolution

ill bribe them with vodka and ak47s lol

You can’t bribe someone with something they already have! Lol

But yeah. I’m pumped for this. Never managed to get too far into Operation Genesis, and now that it’s very expensive to get a legal copy of that and even the rom versions run like butt it’ll be nice to actually have a playable version.

Speaking of Genesis, there are some dinosaurs from that as well as some skins I hope make it into this new game! Some of the Lost World or JP3 designs were really cool!

With the game less than a week away there’s a lot to look forward to! Through dropping during E3 may be a bit weird, I have some decent hopes for this.

Also of cool note, at launch the game will have every dinosaur from films 1-4 except for the Compy, and that’s probably because it’s hard to put a chicken sized dinosaur in the same cage as a building sized one. Will probably have its own specialized little enclosure ala Zoo Tycoon 2.

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yep we are 5 days out! cant wait

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@Fwufikins how goes your park? im 1hr in so far and its been enjoyable. im gonna push for the sandbox island and get this part started! so far its been beautiful

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So far so good! I’m on the Second Island right now and I’ve gotten pretty comfortable. Working on putting in some of my first iconic series dinosaurs (Velociraptor and Dilophosaurus) though I discovered that carnivores outside the same species don’t seem to get along no matter what you do for em. Literally within a minute of being born a pair had engaged in Mortal Kombat!

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too bad you cant fight em for money. imagine rambo the raptor vs texas mutilator the T.Rex lol.

but yes, diff species must be seperated from what you say. having raptors outside the cage from JP 1 is already so dangerous lol. a storm rolled in and knocked out a fence so my bro was scrambling to get 2 dilophosaurus contained. lmao dude, one got angry as hell and popped his fins then spat on a guest! then he pounced him and mauled him to death hahaha

I did pick this up. My brother has put in like 16 hours with it, but my son has been out of town so he will get home tonight. From what I’ve seen it’s excellent. A few quality of life issues “why does this building not have power!?” But in general looks great and had plenty of “sim park” stuff to keep you busy.

its definitely a nice relaxing game, a great counter balance to me playing DBZ fighters or fragging poor saps in quake champions. today ill be sitting down with it again and putting in more seat time. i was going to yesterday, but came home from work way too exhausted. i passed out killing my whole evening lol :confused:


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Okay I think I’ve found the secret to keeping multiple carnivores in the same pen:
Gotta make sure they’re different sizes so they fill different ecological niches and don’t feel they need to compete. I think anyway. Carnivores of the same size will often be right to each other’s throats but if you give them enough space the different categories might be fine.

I might see if I can get carnivores in the same pen with certain sizes of herbivore

You can have three Ceratosaurs together. The fourth one means they all start fighting. You can also throw a velociraptor in with three Ceratosaurs and they don’t kill each other.

Yep, I figured out the secret: Carnivores of different sizes won’t fight unless they’re agitated, starving, or have agressive instincts, since the smaller one will be intimidated if they try and fight.

You can also keep carnivores with herbivores if the carnivore is smaller than the herbivore. For example, a Brachiosaurus and a Tyrannosaurus can share the same enclosure in perfect harmony as long as they have ample room.

However carnivores will always attack any herbivore their size or lower. They’ll also eat any animals you have tranquilized in their enclosure. And of course carnivores of similar size will fight to the death (i.e. Trex, Spinosaurus, Giganotosaurus, and Indominus will all be hostile to each other).