Jumping Too Much

And for you good sir. This suggestion will not work. At all for any fighting game. Period.

Try Advanced Warfare for those Exo Hops :smile:

Have fun today.

Sadira should not be strong on the ground. Why should an multiple characters’ gameplan be changed just because you don’t like people jumping a lot? It also isn’t just grapplers. Imagine glacius if you can’t jump. He can just shatter all day and you can’t avoid it.

Maybe add teleports for other characters to counter Glacius.

Or how about a mode where this can be implemented, not in the actual modes that we have right now. Like practice for people who want to stop jumping too much.

Between the mash-break suggestion and this one, I think maybe you might look into trying to develop these seriously far-out concepts into a fighting game unto itself.

A fighter where virtually every action is artificially limited (via resource) and combos are nigh-impossible? It could actually be sort of interesting, even if it would be widely considered a party-game. At first, the masses would certainly deem it unfit for competition (which seems to be a huge focal and selling point in this generation of fighting games), but there could be some depth to be tapped there.

Just not in KI. Or in any established fighting game, for that matter. Too much reputation at stake to expend real-world resources (time and money) on such trivialities.

Individually, I don’t like any of the suggestions. But as an amalgam? I recommend trying out Game Maker Studio. Pretty sure the basics are freeware, or they used to be, anyway.

Add teleports for other characters? Aganos with a teleport? Sabrewulf with a teleport? Rushdown will be op. You won’t have any breathing room. Along with breakers by mashing? It wouldn’t be KI anymore.

Game Maker Studio? I’ll try it out if it’s really free and when I have the chance to learn it. All these suggestions though, could be implemented in different modes that don’t exist, sure not
Many people will
Play them but it’s something different. Not really one of the suggestions I made previously but like a mode where you can’t combo break, but you have to prevent your opponent from even opening a combo. Like avoid getting hit from openers, and special movEs are metered.

Just for different modes, like spin off modes. Not the main modes people like to play.

So Shadow Lords with free breaks?

There have been some on-theme discussions about this sort of thing in a few other threads, if sidebars and not quite involved.

I do know it comes up here, though: Season 3 Practice/Dojo Modes

(that’s probably the most important thread in the forums, aside from Infil’s guide, so give it a peek and a bump, eh?)

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Sadira’s game is based around air superiority. Making her stronger on the ground doesn’t offset the fact that you’d be completely ruining what makes her unique in the first place and all because you don’t like the way some people play and / or don’t know how to keep an opponent on the ground.

I agree. Glacius also should get a meter for zoning. He just does it way too much and shouldn’t be trying to zone every chance he gets

I wanted SO BAD to call this guy out for being a troll 4 threads ago. But i contained myself.

Now that it is obvious he is a troll, and everyone seems to agree…

@moderators Can this guy’s last 7 threads please get reviewed? After seeing them back to back, im positive it will be clear this guy is a troll.


@Dranyamarel143 needs a meter for creating a thread like this.

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I do not agree with the OP suggestions at all, but i must say that i never played a game before where people jump like they have coils in their feet, sometimes seems that there is no landing at all. I’m not talking about Sadira’s own gameplay but on the overall gameplay of the KI cast. It is really annoying to see some one in an endless back jump or spamming crossup jumps until you miss a block or anti-air.

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Anti-airing isnt as simple as it seems.

There are methods to do it backwards, methods to buffer it after a blocked moved, and methods to beat it by jumping and pressing LP.

People get mad because they usually pick the wrong of those 3 options. Its up to you to decide which one is necessary by watching your opponent.

Actually I’m not trolling. People are really giving feedback and I’m answering questions . I’ll add some ridiculous stuff to my original suggestion but I’m still serious about the topic. But believe whatever you want, I can’t stop you.

I meet those kinds of players a lot. Which is why I made this topic. It’s like people would rather jump than use dash to get closer to their opponent.

Not a meter, but a quota would work. Like 2 posts a day.

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Well, i would rather jump than use dash to get closer to my opponent, because it’s a lot harder to dash playing with analog. :smirk:. Also Jump+attack is an opener to combos.

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