Jumping MP Tech?

Im opening this topic is this a good tool?

It’s like his best aerial lol

I like if it could be used as a launcher to do some crazy juggles.

It’s best used as an instant overhead from the ground. It’s also super hard to punish when Gargos is in instinct.

If you hit an airborne opponent with it as they’re trying to jump out of it, you can juggle with a jab (which you might be able to option select?) into heavy command grab.

J. Mp its an instant overhead which doesn’t lead to combo but can be followed after devil divide and it’s hard to react, and minions make it safe
J. Mk is his cross up attack and works wonders with quad jump and minions
J. Hk sends his opponent fullscree.

Hard to decide his best air normal xD

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There’s a simple setup with this move. After regular throw, dash foward instant air mp (land behind the opponent for a sneaky cross up), c.lk into l.portal punch will catch people most of the time.

Also an interesting thing about j.mp is that it will shorten your jump, meaning that you can do a regular jump approach but wiff mp in the air, land quick and do an unexpected commend grab, just be wary of your opponent anti air capability.

So about target combo