Juggles with Sprite Slice

So, I’m currently practicing juggles with Shin Hisako and I am finding the Sprite Slice ender to be inconsistent when trying to juggle. Sometimes the dummy falls too far away for cr. hp to land or she does cr. hp late (of course that could be my timing.) does anyone else have the problem because I find it quite annoying sometimes. I’ve find that raw mp. Sprite Slice also depends on distance from your opponent. Any tips.

Solution: don’t bother juggling from it. The extremely long knockdown is better suited for setplay than juggles. If you want extra damage you should be using a different ender.


I personally dont use Cr. Hp because it sends them too high up, however you can follow up with a lp after cr hp and go straight into a shadow uppercut. Or hp, ryo Zan twice then medium air ryo zan, for. Mp then shadow ryo Zan.

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speaking of enders her HKD ender does like 2-3% less then damage ender but offers amazing oki, exchange switches sides and HKD’s but you can do followup juggles with it, set up counter breaker bait, standard launcher oki etc.
It’s basically the Sadira enders 2.0 more or less, damage ender is ■■■■, her two other enders are much better but at least Shinsako’s shadow DP is a good finisher.

I never see Shinsako’s DP ender. AT ALL