Juggle Combo in Blade Body

Here’s the inputs: j.HK, dash forward, c.HP, DP+MP, Instinct cancel 3rd hit, c.HP, Explosive arc, Shadow DP

Sorry about the crappy quality. This is the best quality I can record at the moment. Hopefully I’ll have enough money to sink into a new rig soon, so I can start making more KI content. Hope you can find a good place for it. :slight_smile:



Hmmmm interesting combo. You get a like. Oh and did you happen do get around to her assist cancel windows?

I’m working on them. I’m going through her entire move list to see if there is any fluctuation with all 4 different assists.

I had to take a break and try some juggles. I get bored doing this stuff, and juggles are fun and complex. I use them to stop thinking at myself.

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Hmmm yeah I can kinda relate. Sometimes I end up losing myself in experiments and just start randomly doing things from time to time.