Joanna dark!

I haven’t gotten around to playing any Perfect Dark game. I own Rare Replay so I don’t have any excuses (and I might throw in the Game Boy Color installment for the heck of it).

Even though I haven’t play the games, I do have interests in her in KI.

She would be better off as a alternate costume for Orchid, just as Mira got a Fable costume instead of a new character.

I never played perfect dark either

I don’t even think she was visible in the game?
Was it not one of those games where you see the arms and hands on screen? I hate those

Yes, Perfect Dark was a first person shooter.

Oddly enough two of our guests so far are from shooters.

Easy big fella :wink:

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perfect dark was simply the best ego shooter on consoles for years - it was on par with goldeneye and imo it was even better

The character Joanna was plain godlike.

And in addition she gotten into many votings with placing as some of the best female characters ever created.

Entertainment Weekly voted her numerous times into the top 15 coolest video game characters or kick ■■■ female characters.

So its not like she is unknown or not loved by many players especially age 30+ players.

Of course young players dont know anything about the love for her but just as a side note - i dont care a single bit for halo but still like the addition of Arbiter. I love guests even if i dont play them :wink:

If it gets more players in than its good - and believe it or not Joanna will draw people into KI.

I currently take a long break from KI - maybe forever but if she releases sometime i will come back and play her till the servers shut down.

And hoping is still a option :slight_smile:

She might draw some people in. I would really like to see another Halo and Gears character each tho. I want them all.

I’d much rather see another original character than her. I don’t really see how they would make her unique as a character.

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