Jigsaw AKA Saw 8

Jigsaw, an ALL-NEW Saw film sequel. Overall Jigsaw aka the Jigsaw Killer is back ONCE AGAIN now :wink: :grin: :smile: :grinning: :smile: :thumbsup:

“I would like to play a game”. “Live or die, the choice is yours”. Now iconic lines from the Saw film series :sunglasses:

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Saw - a brilliant concept for a horror movie which worked very well on its own merits as a standalone movie, spoiled by thousands of sequels in an attempt to turn it into a beloved franchise, only for it to be adored by teenagers wanting to watch something with shock value, and/or gore fiends.

In short, I don’t think i’ll bother


And to the overall attraction of this relatively new horror sub-genre called torture ■■■■, am I correct?

I genuinely enjoyed the movies 40% for their shock value, and 60% for the story telling and surprise endings.

I’m really excited for more.

I understand the argument about how shock value is a bad quality of movies, but what’s the solution? No more shock in any movies? I think the current situation is just fine:

Put all the shock value into 1 franchise so the people who enjoy it can easily be satisfied, and the people who don’t enjoy it can watch something else. :smile:

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I think Hostel was the first movie to be given that term as a genre and the Saw sequels got dubbed as such after they became less about morality and more about watching a couple of hours of people crying and gallons of ketchup. The first film was great, though.

Eeh, that’s fair enough, though the first movie was genuinely menacing, the latter films required a far larger stretch in terms of suspending your disbelief, it all got a bit “Oh, Jigsaw’s manicurist was working for him, you can tell because the traps all painted the victim’s fingernails before they got horribly maimed” for me. In comparison, the first film was spiritually in the same vein as Se7en and was much more artfully put together.

Don’t get me wrong though, it’s good to have both and I love a bit of easy access shock cinema in my diet, I love junky stuff with new, not-quite-realised-ideas like V/H/S. :grin:

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@ZDhome Now any of the traps in the Saw films that are your favorites or ones you find to be the most creative, unique, and interesting as well as the most gruesome in your eyes (so far)?

I liked the trap with the car and the 3 people, as well as the girl getting her scalp removed from the machine that was pulling her ponytail. good stuff!

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Kinda bummed now cause the guy behind the wheel in that scene was Chester Bennington. :cry:

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The very first saw (and the only one worth watching multiple times imo) is a one of the best movies ever made if u like good old suspense horror. It’s up there with Usual Suspects in my book. Saw 2 through 99 is basically Hostel, which isnt my cup of tea. But they’re continuing the sequels so a lot of people must be supporting the franchise!

But on a side note, these are hilarious -

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