JAY 4K's Arena Tournaments, daily at 8pm CST

Wanna play in a online tourney tonight at 8pm?

Join the Xbox Live Club called “KILLER INSTINCT ARENA”. JAY 4K is the owner of the club. It’s an Xbox Live Area Tournament, so XBL sets up brackets, and individual lobbies for the competitors. Prompts to play matches are all in Club’s tournament hub and notifications are sent via XBL. Just show up, follow the prompts, and play!

Steps are as follows:

  1. Register for a tourney you can participate in (for instance “Friday Night Tournament”)
  2. Once registered, you’ll get a XBL prompt to checkin 15min before the tournament starts. You can check-in anytime before 8pm
  3. At 8pm, you’ll be prompted to play your match and you’ll be put in a lobby with your opponent and you’ll have 3m30s to start your match. (In the lobby, press Y when you’re ready to fight and you’ll get queued in to start your match.)
  4. It’s single elim, so you’re done once you lose. If you win, you’ll get prompted for your next match automatically. You can also check the Club’s tournament hub for your next prompts.