Japanese KI scene - incoming tournament coverage (Kombo Klash Japan '17)

To those who have been reading my KI community updates regarding our Japanese scene, thank you.

Just to let you know: an important local offline tournament, Kombo Klash Japan, is being planned around the end of January 2017. I intend to cover this tournament like I did in past articles.

Registration starts this weekend so I don’t know yet who the contenders will be and if non-Japanese players will be represented.

Previously I took a few pictures and integrated these into a 1500 word article. If you would like something different then don’t hesitate to let me know your special requests.

That’s it for the quick update. The following is just FYI.

Japanese KKJ site: http://kkj.ogty.net

My previous Kombo Klash Japan article

Fight on!


Very exciting! Keen to read more about it.

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Hopefully it will be streamed!..?

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I haven’t seen any stream details yet as it’s still early but I’ll post info here once I know something.

Luckily @STORM179 is not here anymore because he would’ve taken it all I’m afraid.

Also, I might sign up myself this time even though I prefer better, younger players to join instead. I will make a decision based on entry numbers…


Are you familiar with the process of traveling to japan from the states? Is it difficult?

You should definitely play man :slight_smile:

@ItzTymeToDul Mostly just a matter of buying a ticket and having a place to stay. So long as you are there on vacation and aren’t planning on staying forever, customs shouldn’t give you any trouble. Passport has to be valid for the next six months though.

Okay. Is it expensive to fly there? I’m talking half a K.

A top tier character controlled by an average player: recipe for disaster, lol. Well, I have one month left to dust off that Aria and prepare for that white life nerf.

(switches off phone as Rogue One is about to start)

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Pretty sure any flight to Japan will cost at least a grand, but I’m not the best person to ask. When I went it was for work so I flew business class, which is wildly expensive. Didn’t really check the pricing for coach.

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Oh man, this will be awesome! I’m extremely hyped to hear/watch the results of this tournament!

As for the content delivery method, what did you have in mind @BoJima404 ? Did you want to do video interviews, written interviews, or a mix of both?

Usually I select a few players and get their input on both the tournament and KI in general.

The format has always been written interview, which can be a nice break away from the abundance of video content. Although, I have asked in the past if people like a different format. My video editing skills and software are both not up to date, lol.

As for potential questions, I ask forum members what type of topic to discuss. This is coming soon.

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Oh no I know, it’s just I remember in your other thread that you were asking about if people wanted to try video interviews or keep with the written ones and didn’t know if you came to any sort of conclusion!

Regardless, I’ll happily enjoy anything you do end up delivering!

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True. I didn’t have the editing capabilities, so I will keep it to a simple written interview. BUT, I will add (unedited) video footage to my YouTube channel to accompany the interviews.

Sounds good to me man! Thank you for the hard work and effort!

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If Kilgore is both in time for and allowed for Kombo Klash Japan then I got my new main, haha


I wish I can go to this tournament. I don’t have enough money for flight to Japan. But I will trying to go to EVO Japan 2018. :slight_smile:

Kilgore is allowed at KKJapan on Jan 21.


hope fully is a stream … but usualy ogty stream some fights, some time ago… so maybe he will be able to stream the torunament.

No details yet.

Also I’ll be playing Mira and not Aria (PD change has really hurt me) or Kilgore (still too buggy)


Best of luck dude - I’ll be rooting for you :slight_smile::thumbsup: