Japanese FG developer conference Live now

Ongoing at the moment joined by Capcom, Bamco, SNK, Team Ninja, Arcsts, etc. All in Japanese language unfortunately but there could be individual announcements later. I am not aware of any English stream but put the link below. All devs their individual channel broadcast this conference.

Not saying there will be any announcements but according to the schedule, there could be something starting about 30 minutes from now. No end time is given so it is a bit of wait and see.

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Max Twitch is showing English translation stream


  • New season for Soul Calibur, Setsuka for SC
  • New season for SamSho
  • New season for Tekken
  • New GranBlue character? tba on the 8th of August… maybe. a tad unclear.
  • New SFV character announcement on the 6th.
  • GG Strive: Leo is back in GG. Also to be released on PS5.
    New GG Strive character.

I haven’t paid attention to other announcements


I don’t know. I really don’t see the point of this entire stream in retrospect.

May I see this twitch link? Also how do you know Soul Calibur Vi will be there?

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It has ended about two hours ago.

I am on mobile now so I cannot access my twitch links but if you search for Maximilian Food on twitch it should come up.

No worries, I saw the trailer I was looking for.