Japan Sumo Cup

Okay, so I’m browsing around YouTube, and come across this. I have never seen anything like this. What do you all think of this?


lmao not gonna lie, that looks tons of fun… I’m gonna go play it

Yeah, I can’t even imagine if the did something like this to KI. I would ROTFLOL

Lol oh man seriously, me too! That would be pretty hilarious lmao I can imagine Cinder setting his horse on fire and trailblazing through the finish line :laughing:
BTW, while watching this video I thought it looked very easy, turns out it’s super hard lol couldn’t get passed Bison :sweat:

Just be glad you didn’t reach Akuma

Lol yea that’s probably more than twice as hard as it looked to me

There should be a boss rage for this


Lol that’d be pretty fun to watch

This is a thing of beauty.
Anyone who claims video games are not art must be shown this masterful work of perfection.

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