[JAN 22-23 2016] Frosty Faustings VIII - Crowne Plaza Chicago-Northbrook, IL

Frosty Faustings is back for 2016 with Frosty Faustings VIII

Chicago’s winter fighting game tournament

Dates: January 22nd and 23rd, 2016

Location: Crowne Plaza Chicago-Northbrook

Address: 2875 North Milwaukee Avenue, Northbrook, IL 60062
Phone:(847) 298-2525
Room Discount code: FY6
Website: www.frostyfaustings.com

Hotel discount ends at the end of the year. Afterwards standard room rates apply.

Please see our website for complete list of games, rules, news and more!


Before 1/1/2016: $25

Before 1/15/2016: $30

On Site: $35



Online pre-registation ends at 11:59pm CT January 15th! Please do not wait much longer!

Cya there!

Why is this not pinned?

Why does one of the biggest tournaments have no attention at all?

Im looking forward to watching this.

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Best Riptor in Michigan will be there!

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So true. Looking forward to this a lot.

Final for for pre-registration is today! You have until 11:59PM Central time!

We are doing emergency reg at the doors on friday and early saturday. Dont wait!

Frosty Pools are up http://frostyfaustings.com/pools/

H*** YEAH! Cant wait!