Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis has made some fans among the FGC after it became known that she attended EVO last year(?). And, now she again brought welcome attention to the FGC by mentioning EVO on TV. I am not totally serious but serious enough that I think they should make Jamie Lee Curtis a hidden character in KI as a pure PR move. She is so boss, so maybe a (good not evil) boss character :slight_smile:


On twitter here: https://twitter.com/EvilMrWizard


It’s nice to see celebs representing the scene, but an in-game character? Nah…That’s a bit much. A cameo, though, maybe… :wink:

I just have so much respect for this women!!!

what a legend … and a gamer… and a female! AWSOME!

so so so proud of her!

(dont put her in KI tho lol)

She kind of would fit in Mortal kombat… Vs Jason. Not the same franchise but still!

She’s a cool person, but I don’t see her fitting in the roster as herself.
Maybe she could do voice acting for a new character, that’d be good.


Only if Michael Myers comes with her! Now Myers in a FG…thats my dream come true!

I know there is Terrordrome but… I man console wise

Or she can be casted to do Aria’s voice…?
(It needs to be redone, imo)

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Didn’t she do advertisements for a laxative once? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: