JAGO's "WindSweep" Returns

Just reminiscing on the Gold old days for N64, and thought, hmm, I wonder if IG would someday bring me to tears of joy by working Jago’s “Windsweep L+M+H+Shadow” back into his moveset… oh the possibilities… the windkick into sweep combo (and vise versa) was such an integral part of my play back then, especially the near full screen capability… That would step Jago up a level in my opinion… wonder why the move was omitted in the first place?

You mean his slide special move? lol, he’d have (partially safe!) Wulf-like high-low mixups from back+HP range (2 character lengths?) and a bit more control over the midscreen than his awesome wind kick already affords him now. Put that together with his meterless DP and frame traps for days (now with high-low mixups from all ranges!) and his only real drawbacks would be, er…slightly sub-par mobility and terrible throw range? It’d be a bit much.

Mind, it was toyed with by DH, even animated:

I think on a MS pre-launch stream they fielded a question about the missing slide after it featured in this footage, and they too said it was too good – in season one, a time when characters did scarier things than they’ve done since. (Er, ignoring S2 Maya. Oh, and S3 Eyedol. And S2 TJ. Uh, I think we’re good.)

If you want to play Jago with a slide, the closest you’re likely to get is with Shadow Jago. You lose out on wind kick and double roundhouse and laser sword of course, but hey, the game has to have some balance. Jago is already very strong as is.


I just miss it soon much