Jago's ultimate?

Imagine if Jago got a kamehameha/shinku hadoken style super endokuken that got back all his health bar at the cost of draining all his instinct bar. But if he misses, he is left with only 10% health. Or it could just be an ultimate in which he vaporizes the opponent straight into space in a similar fashion as when gohan defeated cell.


Oh yeah and by the way… I’M BACK!

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Welcome back.

And a kamehameha? why not the red dragon no mercy from KI2?


That’s insane…

I like it alot


That sounds like a REALLY neat, cool, and awesome idea/suggestion already for Jago’s new, updated Endokuken

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BTW @VladKravich, very glad to see you back on the all-new official Killer Instinct/Iron Galaxy forums. Long time, no see too. Also where exactly have you been since the new KI/IG forums came back online on the all-new, revamped/updated Ultra-Combo site?

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My speculations:

Super slow endokuken for setups
Multi hit normal endokuken to remove armors
Super fast endokuken (chargeable)
Low hitting Endo (like Spinals skull)
Endokuken pushes back much further now
Endokuken pushes enemy closer
Endokuken gets armor (!) or higher priority
Endokuken can be directed high or low (like Thunder’s KI1 phoenix)


Normal attacks
HP Endokuken: Three hits, stuns opponent ONCE for setup, deals good potential damage on block.

MP: Two hits, stuns opponent ONCE for setup or potential manual

LP: One hit, stuns opponent for setup or potential manual, similar to Mayas.

One stock: Five hits, heavy knockdown, deals great potential damage and can be charged for even more potential damage on block.

Two stocks: Ten hits, heavy knockdown, deals massive potential damage on block, can be charged for an unbreakable that does good damage and good potential damage, can cash-out potential damage on full charge.


Dude the charge-up idea is awesome!

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@KIFANATIC8488 Well I’ve been busy with work and I was having issues trying to log in to the new forums. I tried to log in back in july-august but couldn’t so I gave up and focused on other things. Then I decided to give it a try again last week and it finally worked.

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Ah, I see now. And you know what, I also happened to experienced the EXACT SAME issue when I tried to logged onto/into the all-new official KI/IG forums awhile back. Overall the EXACT SAME thing happened to me too awhile back just like you there :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah I gave up for a while too in my Android phone.

Then I downloaded a different browser with embedded Flash and it worked. Still don’t know if Flash was the real solution or simply my default browser did not like this forum at all.


My guess is that he’ll get different variations if his endokuken similar to how Ryu got his from MvC3 to UMvC3. I like this a lot because people would say all the time that Jago is “fine as is” but I always thought his zoning could be better. As it stands now it’s only useful in certain match ups. Now Jagos could be more inclined to incorporate a solid zoning game into their playstyles :slight_smile:

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Hope we do get a “Metsu Hadouken”!

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Maybe a Beamish Endoduken with a Tiger running inside the beam.

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That’d be f*cking sick dude!

Imo its to much, dont like win or loose moves, randomeness aint very attractive in a game imo, imagine tourneys beeing won or lost cus of such a move…

But sure a kamehaendo would certainly look cool, but make it more like ryus metsu hado or something, allot of damage but not a make or breake move.

But then again that would kinda be like a copy of fulgore beam.

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