Jago's meter gain too much?

It seems seriously unfair that every Jago in existence has meter ALL the time. I seriously think he gets too much meter from blocked fireballs to the point of ridiculousness. Am I the only one who notices this?

It’s a lot, to be sure, but I like that about Jago… he’s the “meter guy” in the game. It makes his instinct doubly scary (because you don’t really want to be blocking those double fireballs either), and now that shadow wind kick isn’t a 95% screen threat, I don’t think it’s too bad to give Jago access to meter.


Wasn’t Omen supposed to fill that role though?

I’m inclined to agree with both the OP and TexAce. I think it’s a bit too much and can stand to be toned down just a tad (not much, just a tad) and that Omen, considering his abilities should be the premiere shadow-gaining character.

In any case, I like Jago’s double fireballs. As an Aganos player, I WANT him to use those, so I can punish him with shadow ruin into a wall. :slight_smile:

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Well, Jago was the “original” meter guy, at least. Omen does do more with meter than Jago but there’s room for two such characters in the game.

KI is just a game with lots of crazy stuff, so I don’t think Jago’s meter build needs to be toned down. It’s fun to use meter for stuff and it’s not making him run away with the game. (shrug)


… Omen is indeed the reason Shago is taking Shadow Meter to the Ultimate level!.. Men of Shadow :smiley:

But I’ve noticed the devs fully admit to knowing Jago’s Shadow Meter capabilities and I believe it’s mentioned a lot that:
He can use Shadow to enter combo from a throw.
Shadow Laser Sword and Windkick are both purposely slow and metronome in breaking time for the rest of the cast.

… I mean how could they not know that Jago’s FB is like converting player health into Shadow Bar?
Probably because that’s why the FB, though not the lowest chipper, doesn’t do much damage… It’s the Shadow Counter and S.Windkick itself that Jago players need access to for most, though not all, of the roster.

PS: I think it also teaches a risk that many won’t carry over once learning Jago. I know I feel safe with Jago and it’s hard to let that go.

Remember that you are also building meter from blocking his fireballs, it’s not as much as the attacker but it is enough to keep you only mostly evenish ground with him and go for your projectile invincible shadow.

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That too. Incentive to move and not take too many blocks either :slight_smile:

What buffs would Jago receive in return? I think it can be reasonably claimed that Jago needs the meter as is.


Well then stop blocking fireballs? This isn’t Street Fighter, your character probably has ways to nullify fireball zoning. Even with the meter gain, endokuken is probably one of the poorer moves in the game.

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To me Jago has always felt like the Superman of this KI - he has an answer for everything, gains huge amount of meter, builds extremely fast potential damage and feels incredibly powerful.

People are quick to say he’s balanced, but he has never felt that way to me.

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I want Jago’s meter gain and instinct to get nerfed, but I know that he’ll need something in return for those.

I think Jago is fine the way he is. Yes he does gain meter and instinct significantly more than others but that’s not to say that he has an unfair advantage. Simply put don’t block them, instead try to get in or look at the level of his endokuken to determine a safe jump. Most characters, if not all have the ability to stop his zoning and even punish him.

  • Sabrewulf, run and slide under.
  • Glacius, hail followed by puddle.
  • Thunder, light and medium dp.
  • Sadira, jump over, double jump for lights.
  • Orchid, fling her grenade, dash and jump.
  • Spinal… just devour it.
  • Fulgore, fireball and teleport or just match it.

Jago being nerfed is by far the worst idea at this point. We are going on Season 3, by now Jago should be as predictable as he gets, that is his strongest weakness.

He may gain all this meter and instinct, but only a few players can take full advantage of his tech and make it incredibly difficult to beat. I have played several Jagos using Omen or even Thunder and if I lost it was because I made critical mistakes that were costly but not because he had an unfair advantage.

I have seen many Jago’s fall to Maya’s, Sadira’s, Cinder’s and Wulf’s all of which Jago would “exploit” his “unfair” meter and instinct. Yet, even that wasn’t enough to secure the win.

Also as I said there are few players that can capitalize on the benefits of Jago’s tech. Some of those include but aren’t limited to… @TheNinjaOstrich, Bill White, ThompxSon, RM JagoBlake, and MrGrimmmz.

A nerf would make Jago significantly weak and force him to rely on mixups and high risk/reward combos, similar to Fulgore. There could be some tweaks on Jago but to blatantly blame it on scenarios that can be beat will result in the same nerfs that made Fulgore how he is, as most Fulgore main’s can attest to.


Jago has always been the king of meter and that shouldn’t change, nor should his instinct. Jago’s zoning is very linear and easy to avoid. Also he has to earn his health regen in instinct. Jago is one of the very few characters in this game that’s fair so I think it’s fair that he is the meter king. I’m starting to think that people won’t be happy until IG makes him the Dan of KI. Jago’s the character closest to being balanced.


My problem with Jago’s meter gain is that he can use meter to make every one of his unsafe options safe. The only risk Jago has to worry about is completely missing his attack, and when I’m playing Glacius, it’s nearly impossible to dodge anything, and there’s no safe jumps.

Again, I don’t think Jago is too good. I just think that he should have to commit more to his actions. Slowing his meter gain is one way of doing that.

Refer to my comment above. Glacius has plenty of options to shut out Jago, so much so that zoning is the last thing a Jago player wants to go for. Usually you will see Jago trying to close in on Glacius, not trying to distance himself and throw fireballs.

Also for Jago to make his moves safe require too much meter vs just trying to outplay the opponent, so much so that it isn’t ideal in a matchup.

If you are a good Jago player, I can try to play as Glacius and see how the matchup works and possibly find ways to shut out Jago’s meter and instinct.


You can make things safe too with hail. You can either use meter on a shadow hail or have a hail held and release it so it extends the blockstun from your unsafe move.

Jago is fine.

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I really don’t want to turn this topic into my own personal frustrations. But unless I make super good reads on Jago at full screen, he’ll be at midscreen in seconds. And at that point, all a hail is going to do is save me from getting punished for one move. If I try to pull another one out at that range, I’ll get shadow wind kicked. And to tie into this topic, his meter gain is insane, so he almost always has access to it.

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I have made the major points as a Jago main to tell you well enough that his meter and instinct benefits aren’t making him overpowered by any means. Jago used to be in Season 1 as he would gain health back simply from doing damage, the change made any Jago player work for regaining health.

Glacius has enough tools to shut out Jago so much so that he can be forced to desperately attempt to get in, which will make it easy enough for a Glacius player. Keep at it, there are several tools you can find and better tech to shut out Jago main’s, it just takes practice to figure those critical flaws in Jago to see that he surely does not need a nerf.

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I cant stand how Jago can DP on wake up and basically hit anything and everything from a 5ft radius!

Even on whiff he can DP out of it and hit your grab.

For instance, Jago shadow wind kicks and whiffs it (I block it) I go to grab him and he DPs right out of it and hits me, next time I go for crouching light punch, he DPs and knocks me out of it.

And to top it off… he always seems to have that Shadow Endouken on wake up as well.

Dude is powerful…very powerful.

If I were to throw out a Shadow Endokuken point blank, you could hit me out of it, if you were quick enough. I have many fought skilled players that do this all the time. Even if I was to say, DP cancel into Shadow Endokuken, it’s still unsafe in a way. Plus, if I use it, I’m wasting a bar of meter either way. So I’d have to go through that whole process of getting shadow meter with either Blocked Endokukens, or a Battery ender, which most people either jump or avoid the endokukens, and Combo break my attempt for a Battery Ender. Jago actually uses the meter gain to his advantage, in order to get in. Like a Glacius vs Jago battle for instance. Glacius has tons of setups and tools that can keep a Jago at bay, where Jago without the meter gain he has, would have a harder time trying to stay alive.

And you are not, just voicing your opinion.

This is only if he has meter though. You can see a Full Screen Windkick for miles. Plus, If you block it, Jago gets punished severely for it. Recovery frames are bad too.

Hail is amazing, but usually whenever I play Glaciuses (Glacii? Glacies?), They always stop me from doing anything, even with two full stocks of meter in my possession with hail and other tools. So it can’t be that bad right?

PS: On a totally Different topic, Your Shadow Bodies me all the time, (I play Shadow Ladder and you are always in the higher tier) using Spacing and Hail, even with my meter.