Jago's Difficult Matchups

Supposedly Jago is so OP, but there are a few matchups i just DONT UNDERSTAND at all. Matchups where it seems i am forced to block 7+ moves in a row, while my opponent gets 3 or more spots to perform high-low-throw mixups. Matchups where it looks like the only thing i can do is Shadow Counter or sneak a DP in a 1 frame gap.

I feel like there is some “trick” i am missing. I never see a solution in a pro match because it seems like their opponents NEVER do the things that give me trouble. I would GUESS they dont try it because they know there is a trick to stopping it. Are there any un-commonly known tricks, or are all my issues just fair-play mixups?

I need helpful advice for these matchups:

  • Mira (She throws the bats, which are unavoidable as far as i can tell, then she gets a FREE crossup, followed by a blockstring where it seems like she can make herself safe for the next 10 moves. Playing her feels like i dont even GET to play. She flies all over the place, and holds me still untill one of her random mixups hits.)

  • Kim-Wu (It seems like all of her options are just like Jago’s but BETTER. Playing footsies is a controllable nightmare, and i can sometimes overcome it, but once she gets in close, i cant tell whats going on at all. It seems like all of her moves were designed to be Dial-a-frametrap, as they all have small gaps. Other than shadow countering, or throwing in a DP in to the small gaps, i have no idea how to get the momentum back)

  • Fulgore (I get passed his BS pretty easy, but when we get in close, every button i choose is wrong. Its counter-hit central ALL DAY. Its like every normal he has beats every normal i have.)

  • Thunder (Self explanatory. It seems this character REWARDS flow-chart playstyles. I may get a read, and get a nice opening every now and then, but as long as they constantly change what they are doing randomly, i will eventually just get opened up by un-reactable vortexes.)

  • Cinder (It seems i need to play him to understand him. His low inferno seems SO broken and unreactable. I never punish Trailblazer [its only punishable by 3frame DP, right?]. And Keeping track of when he is fired up seems impossible. i wish it was a visible meter.)

  • ARIA (Her shotgun legs make her seem un-punishable. I never get a grounded punish, and i miss most DPs because of her air shenanigans. When she uses Bass assist, it seems she gets a free high-low-throw mixup, and the only way to beat it is to hope they mess up and leave a gap to DP / Shadow wind-kick through.)

pls halp meh.

(inb4 we get a showcase of the new patchnotes at KIWC, and all the info you guys give me becomes useless :stuck_out_tongue: )

I think you may just need matchup help.


Yeah from the likes of it your going to need some matchup help with these characters.

Cinder is a trouble to understand at first, but his matchup is in Jago’s favor because of Jago’s mobility and wakeups.

Go to the lab and check his moves out

Here you go:


Don’t have the time to craft a well-formatted response to this on my phone, so I’ll save that for after I get off work.

Main thing I’d suggest though is to learn to reversal DP out of pressure gaps. People don’t frame trap you to block, flip you out to block, or reset you to block. Jago doesn’t have to hold frame traps, he doesn’t have to hold flip out mixups, and he doesn’t even have to hold resets. DP’s are not scrubby - they are a potent tool to tell your opponent what they are and are not allowed to do. Teach them by way of fierce DP that there are just certain things you will not abide, and then once they learn that lesson, take your turn back by normal means. Kim wants to kata - fine, DP the special or throw cancel or gaps that’s invariably coming. She’s learned and blocks after katas now? Cool - mash throw out of blockstun.

Against Cinder, just block low. You should be expecting low inferno anytime you start walking forward. And just mash jab on trailblazer if you aren’t confident in your DP punishes for it.


Let me settle down at work, after class so I can help break it down. Though, this is just what helps me.

Mira is tricky, because if you let her pace the flow of a match, you will sit there blocking and likely just eat what she throws. I don’t mind trading charged endos because it usually eliminates 2/3 light bats. If they jump over, DP if not, grounded heavy punch. Something I tend to do is full screen wind kick after my charged endo, as Mira is usually mid-dash by then. It doesn’t gain me anything other than telling the player, “I’m not playing this game.” It’s tough, so vary it based on players.

Space her out, sure she gets dragons from it, but the trade-off from a missed parry gives you great punishment damage. Keep her at bay, focus on her weakness of having to get in. Jago can zone, if she jumps DP or grounded heavy, if she dashes, catch it with a wind kick. Bait her shadow reversible, mash jab on dragon cancels (they aren’t as safe as they seem) and bait her parries on occasions by committing to a few wakeup dps.

Don’t let him run, keep him pressured, bait his DP.

Zone this beefy basterd. Usually someone may try to use his DP as mobility, watch for the crossup, punish every unsafe followup to his dp and zone him again. Very annoying, but good Thunder’s are tough to deal with up close. Avoiding them makes it all the easier.

I never figured out Cinder, but Storm pointed out some good tips.

Shadow counter her knee, it can be punished. Soon as you block her flying knee, hit the shadow counter input to catch her blast. Endokukens really do a ding on each body, so pressure her with frame traps or just hit her from afar. I zone her blade and trade with her base body, and usually end up wind kicking her flying body.

If you ever get a video, I can give some terrible advice as to what could potentially work better.

Also, for the sake of disclaimer, I am a pure “heart” player, I understand most mechanics and a good amount about frame data, but usually I always play on either reads or whiffs. Sometimes, I can just be aggressive all-together.

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Kim has some of the stubbiest normals, as such? She wants to be right on top of you. Jago can annoy her with fireballs and can punish successful parries with windkicks from certain ranges. Thats a midrange game plan.

Your DP in frame gaps is good up close. Kim has no invincible reversal without meter. Put her on her back and force her into playing Jago’s good oki game. That, and you have very low fear of low normals, theyre all negative (i believe). Thats up close.

From far? Every option is at least -3 or as high as you-can-do-your-taxes-and-write-a-Harry-Potter-fanfiction-while-deciding-your-punish negative. Only if there’s a dragon stocked it is slightly less dangerous.

Not necessarily against Jago, she competes with his footsies just fine. There’s only a certain range where it’s a good idea for Jago to use fireballs.