I don´t know if this is the right place to ask this. But I recently downloaded Killer Instict. Jago is supposed to be a free character. In the Dojo I train with him but then he won’t let me use him in the fighting. You have to complete all the training in the Dojo to use it in combat (I go for 5)? If not, what is the problem?

And another thing, there’s no other way to buy characters? With gold KI for example.

You have to do the intro for Shadowlords to unlock Jago. Orchid can be unlocked by collecting 50% of the shadowlords dossiers.Those 2 are the only free characters besides the rotating biweekly character(which can be orchid some weeks) but you can purchase single characters with real money at a very bad price.KI gold is only for cosmetics and SL packs only

Also the game is 10 bucks right now on W10 and steam which is a very good price for a game with an fairly active playerbase

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Thank you. I´ll try it.

Instead of buying characters individually, I suggest you buy the definitive edition of the game. I believe you get the full roster.

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Jago unlocks after completing the Shadow Lords intro. Like SWK said though, I’d highly recommend just buying the complete game on sale right now for $10. I’d recommend getting the W10 version, as its online is directly connected to Xbox Live so it’s easier to find matches and such.

Either way, welcome to KI. Hope you enjoy it! :slight_smile:


I have already unlocked Jago. Does anyone know why when you want to pay a character with the mobile only appears Orange?

Sorry, not quite following here…what exactly do you mean? :sweat_smile: