Jago vs. Cinder Setups

Beat the wake up. OS on hit.

No reason why Cinder should wake up against you now, with exception of meter.

Not trying to be rude or anything, but I’m not so sure you’re performing those fireflashes with 100% reversal timing. I’ve beaten out normals with reversal timing on Fireflash, there’s not really a reason crouching forward should have connected.

Then again, maybe I’m mistaken. And if you can indeed stop Fireflash on reversal startup, then good setups.

This is why I wish they would work on a reversal indicator.

Good tech. I’m a Cinder player so this works against me, but credit where credit is due.

He only beat out the medium and heavy fireflashes, those don’t have any invincibility and can be stuffed. The light one is the only one with invincibility and it just whiffs because Jago’s cr. mk ducks it.

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Yeah, that’s right. Those are heavy and medium fireflash according to your inputs indicators, they don’t have invincibility period. I kept watching the video, and I was wondering why Fireflash invincibility didn’t kick in.

Or you know…just block Fire Flash and punish before the pillar comes out.

Why opt to do that when Jago is that close when you can easily wake up grab or backdash?

Since the low forward can go under the invincible Fire Flash, it makes this very optimal.