Jago v glacius


Looking for some tips on how to deal with glacius.
If I can get in his face then I can do ok but I struggle at distance.
Any tips /tech much appreciated

If you block ice lance, you can always punish with shadow wind kick (it’s a strict punish and it will go through shatter and hail). If he does shoulder sometimes it’s a block string so your wind kick won’t come out.

You have to take a few light DP guesses on jump back limbs, just so that he sometimes starts to empty jump (and corner himself).

Here’s a nice long set between Thompson and Rimz, two strong players: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJB759KlMhc

And here’s one of my favorite sets in KI, Grimmmz vs FilthieRich midway through S2. Rich is a much more aggressive Glacius and these guys are mostly just having fun but it’s still a great set: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8goFH6WU4FI


Depends on the type of Glacius player. Things I focus on when trying to get in on a Glacius player are:

  • Anti-Airing jump kicks like infil said (cr.HP & st.HK can also be great at punishing them)
  • Being just out of lance range or inside of it, don’t hang around at lance range
  • Endokukens just out of lance range can stop him from comfortably zoning you
  • Slow endokukens at full screen every once in a while can cover you while you close the distance
  • Having Endokuken and Shadow Endokuken on screen at the same time when they start doing hails + jump kicks
  • Keeping at least one bar of shadow meter to punish badly spaced hail/shatter attempts with his projectile invulnerable move, Shadow Windkick (which will be even more potent in season 3 due to Glacius’ Shatter being turned into a projectile)
  • DPing lance pokes if they do them recklessly

Once you’re in it’s important to stay in (obvs), I usually focus on:

  • After you knock them down, Heavy Windkick is pretty unsafe but it’s great at stuffing Puddle Punch (you can instinct cancel to make it safe). Any meaty normal attack will stuff a Puddle Punch when it’s coming out of the ground but the varying strengths can make it hard to time. You can also use a Medium Windkick but once again, it has less active frames making it harder to time. Also just being out of their Puddle Punch range after knock down can work too, fishing for long range meaty attacks into a Windkick Opener can be relatively safe cos if they hit you with their puddle punch you won’t get comboed into. Neutral jump punishing Puddle Punch Reversals is also another thing you can do
  • Using attacks that leave you at an advantage. ie, cr.LP, st.MK, Medium/Heavy Laser Sword and creating frame traps and mix ups with them
  • Using his laser sword ender to keep him from creating space after ending your combo (Mainly in mid screen)
  • Sticking to them like glue as soon as you can move during the ‘Ready’ and mid round screens
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Awesome :+1: thanks guys

Had a nice comeback against a killer glacius earlier, made a few mistakes so was well chuffed to pull it back.
Got the killer of killers achievement as well to top it off.
I’ll stick on youtube and post a link later.

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